Blown by the wind, on the streets of Nortem ,Mountain village of Kanagawa Japan


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When I was in my twenties, I was traveling without money, 

From a hitchhiking track Where I jumped Aomori city area.

 Night time when people are sparse, 

Take out the guitar at the street corner Money change concert! 

Where did you do that night No memory, 

The next day is Hirosaki The next day with Akita I remember traveling. 

"Blown by the wind-on the streets of northern country" 

Lyrics / Composition / Performance / Songs: Alpaca Kaimei 

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Blown by the wind, on the streets of Northern 


 poetry Toshio Osonoi               2019/12/29 

Sang on the streets of the northern country. 

The night wind blew and my fingertips were tight. 

Oh, let's sing one song.

Intoxicated by warmth 

The image that passes through.

The harmonica rings.

 Cardboard box written "Love" with red magic pen 

Come tipsy old man"Do it fine," he said. 

Oh, thank you gentle person.

Soak in the warmth.

 Let's dispel the emptiness 

Play the guitar Like a flowing cloud Walked freely 

The mind that changes every day 

Blown by the wind

 Oh no fantasy I want to stay warm. 

When i sing Dream dances.